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Cardinal Glennon is at Anderson Hospital - Come on by.... PDF Print E-mail

Glennon Care Pediatrics Coming to Anderson Hospital 24/7 Starting August 1st

Anderson Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center are announcing an exciting new partnership!   On August 1, 2011, Anderson Hospital will be the only Metro East hospital to offer Cardinal Glennon Emergency Pediatric Care – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!   Not only will the community benefit from this new level of emergency pediatric care, Cardinal Glennon Pediatricians will also be available to our Pavilion for Women nursery 24 hours a day.

“Covering both the ER and the Women's Pavilion is completely unique to the Metro East,” says Dr. Christopher Wangard, Pediatrician and Cardinal Glennon Site Supervisor for Anderson Hospital. “It is the first time that Cardinal Glennon has partnered with a hospital outside of SSM to provide 24/7, in-house coverage of the ER and newborns.”

Over the years, Anderson Hospital has built a strong partnership with Cardinal Glennon to bring a wide range of specialized pediatric services close to home.  In addition to our new 24/7 pediatric emergency and newborn care, Anderson Hospital offers families a Pediatric Therapy Center which provides pediatric outpatient speech/language, physical, and occupational therapies, and pediatric audiology.  In addition, the Cardinal Glennon Specialty Outpatient Clinic on Anderson Hospital’s Campus brings specialists in Neurology, Orthopaedics, Developmental Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Endocrinology, and Pulmonology to our children of the Metro East.

“Parents have always struggled to decide when it is best to come to Anderson for pediatric care and when it is best to ‘cross the river’,”
says Dr. Wangard.  “More and more, Cardinal Glennon and Anderson Hospital are making this an easy choice for parents.”