Brick sign outside of Anderson Hospital

Annual Report

We are pleased to present this Report to the Community. Anderson Hospital's patient volumes continue to reflect the growth and the strength of the communities that we serve, as well as the quality of our medical staff and hospital employees.

The hospital continues to expand and add services to better meet the healthcare needs of our patients and their families.

Finally, the hospital's financial performance continues to provide a means to add new equipment and technology to better diagnose and treat disease as well as promote health. The hospital appreciates the continued support of our medical staff, employees, auxiliary and the communities we serve.

Keith A. Page
President & CEO

Mark Shashek
Chairman, Board of Trustees

The following data represent total figures of 2021.

Financial Data

(Unaudited, in thousands) 

Total Assets 

Net Worth 

Total 2021 Revenues

Total 2021 Expenses 

Debt Service Payments 

Capital Expenditures

Uncompensated care provided by Hospital 


Statistical Data

Newborn Deliveries

Surgical Cases Performed

Inpatient Admissions 

Average Length of Stay 

Emergency Room Visits 

ExpressCare Visits 

Outpatient Visits 

Home Health Visits