Outpatient Lactation Services

Appointments with a certified lactation consultant are available during weekday business hours. Fees may apply.

No upfront fees due at appointment -- your insurance will be billed.

Patients that have delivered at other hospitals can be referred to us by your Pediatrician or OB.

What does a lactation consultant do?

A lactation consultant supports a mother and her breastfeeding goals by providing information based on current scientific literature. She assists by identifying solutions for:

  • sore nipples
  • engorgement
  • latch-on difficulties
  • low milk supply
    • slow weight gain
  • plugged ducts
  • mastitis, and thrush
  • feeding devices
  • going back to work

She is a professional RN skilled at infant and maternal assessment and provides basic breastfeeding education. She can also assist with breastfeeding the preterm or special needs infant, and works with your baby’s physician as needed to develop the best plan for you and your baby’s breastfeeding health.

What is involved in this appointment?

Your appointment will be scheduled around your baby’s feeding time. Appointments typically last one to one and a half hours. The consultant will do a thorough assessment of your feeding issues and develop a plan with you to get back on the road to successful breastfeeding.

Does my insurance cover this?

Coverage of services and supplies varies among health plans. To be sure, call your insurance company’s member services department listed on your insurance card and ask:

  • Do you require pre-authorization?
  • Do you cover breast pumps or lactation services? How do I file a claim for these services?
  • Do I need to use an in-network provider?
  • No up-front fees the day of service, your insurance provider will be billed.

Why do I need to meet with a lactation consultant?

You may need the help of a lactation consultant if:

  • You are experiencing difficulty or discomfort when nursing
  • Your baby is premature or has special needs
  • You have twins or triplets
  • Your baby is not gaining as much weight as your infant’s physician would like
  • You need assistance with the plans for returning to work
  • You have concerns about your milk supply
  • You need help selecting a breast pump
  • You need help fitting your breast pump
  • You have questions about medications you are taking
  • You are ready to return to work and need a pumping plan

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