Developmental Milestones

The milestones listed below are typical for young children. Every child is unique, growing & developing in different ways.

AT THREE MONTHS most children:

  • Hold their head up when awake & on their tummy
  • Bring their hands together & play with them at midline
  • Coo, chuckle or laugh
  • Search for sounds & respond to loud sounds

AT SIX MONTHS most children:

  • Hold their head upright when sitting
  • Reach out to grasp objects & transfer them hand-to-hand
  • Respond to friendly speech with a coo or smile
  • Babble

AT NINE MONTHS most children:

  • Crawl on their belly and/or hands & knees
  • Can finger-feed themselves
  • Say “mama” & “dada” & imitate sounds
  • Respond to his/her name

AT TWELVE MONTHS most children:

  • Pull to stand & cruise around furniture
  • Can pick up small objects using index finger & thumb
  • Say at least one word other than “mama” or “dada”
  • Can follow simple instructions with a gesture given

AT FIFTEEN MONTHS most children:

  • Can hold & drink from a cup with minimal spilling
  • Can vocalize & make his/her voice go up & down
  • Can use four or five words
  • Can walk independently

AT EIGHTEEN MONTHS most children:

  • Are able to walk up to a large ball & kick it
  • Can build a four block tower & turn pages in a book
  • Use five to ten words
  • Can follow simple instructions like “bring the ball”

AT TWO YEARS most children:

  • Are able to walk up & down stairs, holding the rail with both feet on the step
  • Can assist you when dressing themselves
  • Can ask for items by name
  • Use two or three words together, such as “more juice”

AT THREE YEARS most children:

  • Can ride a tricycle with pedals
  • Can use a fork
  • Can use a three to four word sentence
  • Can name one color, count to ten & give his/her first & last name

AT FOUR YEARS MONTHS most children:

  • Can alternate feet going down stairs
  • Can completely dress & undress with little help
  • Can use four to five word sentences
  • Can name three to six colors & know nursery rhymes by heart

AT FIVE YEARS most children:

  • Can skip & jump
  • Can copy familiar shapes (square, circle, triangle)
  • Can use five to six word sentences with correct grammar
  • Can follow simple rules in games

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s growth and development, contact your child’s physician or call 618-288-5436 (KIDO) to be placed in contact with a qualified professional to answer your questions.