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Anderson Hospital

Code of Ethics

At Anderson Hospital we are committed to providing the very highest quality professional services.  In keeping with this goal, all staff strives to assure that all our activities comply with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards.

Our Corporate Compliance Program, including our Code of Ethics, is approved by the Board of Trustees and endorsed by management. It provides the framework to ensure that we provide those services and perform our duties in a professional, ethical and legal manner.

As Staff of Anderson Hospital, we agree to follow the Code of Ethics in our interactions with patients, colleagues, other health professionals, students, and the public. In this context, the term “staff” includes, the Board of Trustees, employees, members of the Medical Staff, Allied Health Professionals, volunteers, contracted workers, and students.

Honesty, Integrity

  • We are truthful in verbal and  written communications and do not knowingly mislead others.
  • We do not cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise act dishonestly.
  • We do not abuse special privileges, e.g., making unauthorized long-distance telephone calls.
  • We maintain accurate, honest records of patient care and business activities, which include following procedures to correct, amend records or make late entries in medical records.
  • We make patient care decisions using evidence based practice and focus on patients' needs while taking their desires into consideration.  Our decisions are not based on financial reimbursement.
  • We acknowledge our errors of omission and commission to colleagues, supervisors and patients.
  • We protect our patients and their rights.

Respect for Patient Confidentiality

  • We do not share medical information with anyone except those health care professionals integral to the care of the patient or within the context of Hospital operations.
  • We do not discuss patients or their illnesses in public places where the conversation may be overheard.
  • We do not invite or permit unauthorized persons into patient care areas of our hospital.
  • We do not access confidential patient information without a professional "need to know."
  • We do not misuse electronic mail.
  • We do not remove confidential patient information from the premises.  Staff that must do this in the scope of their job must assure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the information.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest.

  • We do not accept gifts of value from vendors, contractors, or suppliers.
  • We do not participate in vendor incentive programs without disclosure.
  • We do not refer patients to other healthcare facilities in which we have a direct financial stake without disclosure.
  • We do not involve patients in our personal issues or solicit them for personal gain.
  • We do not accept a "kickback" (any payment intended to influence decisions) for any patient referral.
  • We will disclose any outside financial interests or commercial activities, including those of immediate family members, domestic partners or others with a significant personal relationship, which may represent a conflict of interest and affect professional performance.
  • We do not participate in political campaigns as representatives of Anderson Hospital including the wearing of political buttons while on Anderson Hospital premises.
  • We do not engage in lobbying activities or attempts to influence legislation without the prior approval of the President/CEO of Anderson Hospital.

Responsibility for Peer Behavior

  • We take the initiative to identify and help impaired staff with the assistance of the Employee Assistance Program, Employee Health Services, Practitioner Health and Wellness, or other appropriate referrals.
  • We report serious breaches of the Code of Ethics to the appropriate person.  If unsure, we discuss the situation with our supervisor or department chair.  We may also report directly to the Compliance Officer.
  • No action of retaliation or reprisal shall be taken against anyone who reports, in good faith, suspected fraud or improper conduct.
  • We will not retaliate against an individual who has reported a violation nor encourage others to do so.

Respect for Property and Laws

  • We adhere to the regulations and policies of Anderson Hospital e.g., policies governing fire safety, hazardous waste disposal and universal precautions.
  • We do not misappropriate, destroy, damage, or misuse property of Anderson Hospital.
  • We follow our policies and procedures concerning the creation, distribution, retention, storage, retrieval and destruction of documents.

Use of Computer Systems

  • We obtain proper authorization before using the hospital’s computing resources.
  • We do not use the hospital’s computing resources for purposes beyond those for which we are authorized.
  • We do not share access privileges (account numbers and/or passwords).
  • We do not electronically transmit or distribute material that would be in violation of existing policies or guidelines.
  • We respect the privacy of other users.  More specifically, we do not read, delete, copy, or modify another user's data, information, files, e-mail or programs ("electronic files") without the other user's expressed permission.
  • We do not intentionally introduce any program or data intended to disrupt normal operations (e.g., a computer "virus" or "worm") into Anderson’s computer systems.
  • We do not circumvent or attempt to circumvent normal log-on procedures, or security regulations.
  • Staff do not use Anderson’s information technology resources for any private activity.  We do not export Anderson’s systems for personal use.
  • We endeavor to use Anderson’s information computing resources in an efficient and productive manner.  We avoid game playing, use of streaming video or audio, printing excessive copies of documents, files, data, or programs; or attempting to crash or tie-up computer resources.

Respect for Business Ethics

  • We follow our hospital policies and procedures which are written to be applicable to federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • We charge patients for all and only clinical services provided at the appropriate level as defined by policy.
  • We ensure that payment requests from vendors, employees and other payees are processed promptly, accurately and with the appropriate level of documentation.
  • We do not promise payments to vendors or other payees or sign contracts that are beyond the scope of our authority.
  • We report all and only hours worked on employee timecards.
  • We do not take or borrow property or cash from patients, or visitors of Anderson Hospital.
  • We do not use hospital supplies for personal use.
  • We record all financial transactions accurately and promptly.
  • We provide reports and other information that is accurate, complete, relevant, timely and understandable.
  • We do not offer patients discounts or write/offs without proper approval.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of employee and Anderson’s financial information.
  • We code medical records accurately, consistent with industry guidelines.  We do not upcode to improve reimbursement.

Failure to meet the responsibilities described here represents a violation of the Anderson Hospital Code of Ethics.  Actions are taken through appropriate disciplinary committees or processes should violations occur.   
Signed:  January, 2010

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