Diabetes Self-Management Group Class

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017 13:00 – 16:30
Location: Anderson Hospital Wellness Center, 2133 Vadalabene Drive, Maryville, Illinois
Category: General Events

Education is provided in a group setting, utilizing conversation maps to engage all participants.

The following content is covered with the maps:

MAP 1:  On the Road to Better Managing Your Diabetes

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Feelings you may experience
  • Blood glucose and insulin
  • Monitoring at home
  • Managing Diabetes with diet, exercise, and medication
  • Your support system

MAP 2:  Diabetes and Healthy Eating

  • The relationship between blood glucose and food
  • Feelings about food and eating
  • The nutrients that make up food
  • The effects of How, What, How Much and When you eat
  • Meal planning and other healthy strategies
  • Having a plan and engaging your support

MAP 3:  Monitoring Your Blood Glucose

  • What are blood glucose and insulin?
  • Blood glucose targets and how you feel in and out of range
  • Monitoring and knowing your A1c
  • What can cause highs and lows
  • Using monitoring to manage your Diabetes
  • Your support system

MAP 4:  Continuing Your Journey with Diabetes

  • The natural course of Diabetes
  • Challenges with keeping your blood glucose within target range
  • Potential long-term complications
  • How to delay or reduce the risk of long-term complications
  • The importance of checking for long-term complications and knowing your ABCs