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Cardiopulmonary Rehab

If you have been diagnosed with a cardiac and/or pulmonary condition, the Health Management Center staff at Anderson Hospital is ready to assist you in building your lifestyle of wellness.

The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team consists of registered nurses, exercise specialists, dietitians, and pharmacists. Combining knowledge and experience, the staff will assist you with learning ways to help yourself. Regular exercise may increase endurance, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, relieve stress, and help control weight. To gain expected benefits, attendance must be regular and the program followed. Commitment to any of the described programs is essential for successful outcomes.

Phase II Cardiac And/Or Phase II Pulmonary Rehab

The programs are monitored exercise classes designed to meet the unique goals of persons with known cardiac or pulmonary diseases. Instruction will be given on proper techniques of aerobic exercise and strength and flexibility training. Weekly education sessions on simple, realistic techniques to promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk for disease are held. The phase II program lasts approximately 8-12 weeks with session attendance three days per week. Each session will last approximately one hour. Medicare and most insurances do provide coverage for these programs.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Program is designed to provide the participant with the skills and motivation to self-manage the various aspects of heart failure. Monitored exercise with instruction on proper techniques of aerobic exercise, strength and flexibility training is demonstrated. Education is focused on key components of heart failure such as diet, medications, monitoring for signs and symptoms, etc. The CHF program is provided at low nominal monthly fee. Insurance routinely does not cover the program. Participants meet 3 times per week for approximately one hour. The length of the program is determined by the physician and staff depending on the participant’s progress.

Phase III Adult Supervised Exercise Program

A non-monitored, motivational exercise program designed for individuals who have known disease or at high risk for disease. These individuals develop a safe, effective exercise program through instruction in self-monitoring and proper techniques of aerobic exercise, strength and flexibility training. Education on risk factor management is addressed. This program is a low-cost, self-pay program. Insurance does not reimburse for this program. This program serves as bridge for participants to equip themselves to be confident in exercising without supervision.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET) for Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease is an exercise program intended for participants with intermittent claudication caused by PAD in their lower extremities.  This program uses alternating periods of walking exercise and rest to help improve functional capacity, decrease symptoms and achieve overall risk-reduction benefits.  It is recommended that participants attend this program 3 times per week for 8-12 weeks to receive the maximum benefit from the program.  Each session will last approximately one hour.  Medicare and most insurances provide coverage for this program.


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