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Outpatient Therapy Services

The Anderson Wellness Center
2133 Vadalabene Drive, Maryville - (618) 391-5827
Fax:  618-288-9616



Highland Location
1212 Broadway - (618) 654-9600  FAX:  618-654-1762



Edwardsville Location: Anderson Healthcare Goshen Campus Medical Building


Address: 3417 Anderson Healthcare Drive, Edwardsville, IL  (across from the Meyer YMCA)

Phone: 618-288-8490


Anderson Hospital’s Outpatient Therapy Services offers patients a convenient and state-of-the-art facility for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and aquatic therapy.**

Outpatient Therapy is a place where excellence in treatment and advanced technology come together to help people live their best. Our services also offer many specialties that you cannot receive at many other outpatient facilities.

Whether a patient has suffered an injury, is recovering from an illness or has been living with chronic pain, Anderson Hospital Outpatient Therapy Services has coordinated solutions for outpatient treatment.

With special expertise in orthopedics, we offer cutting edge technology and proven techniques to identify the problem and to create a recovery plan. Then patients work one-on-one with a licensed therapist…something most private clinics cannot offer.

Why choose Anderson Hospital Outpatient Therapy?

  • One-on-one treatment from a licensed therapist
  • Up to one-hour long sessions
  • The latest therapy technology
  • Direct access to Anderson Hospital resources
  • Diverse mix of specialists collaborating for best results

Our Specialties:

Orthopedic/Sports Medicine: Our experienced staff demonstrates exceptional treatment strategies for post-operative orthopedic patients or athletes returning to their sport from injury.

Neurological: Our staff can assist you in rehabilitating or maximizing your function with neurological disorders such as strokes, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, or Parkinson ’s disease.

On-site Aquatic Therapy: (Maryville Location Only) Aquatic therapy is provided for those individuals with orthopedic, neurological, pulmonary, or cardiac-related diagnoses. The physical properties of water such as buoyancy, turbulence, viscosity, and surface tension all provide assistance and or resistance to movement, depending on the needs of the patient. Our pool is a 12’ x 16’ heated pool that you receive one-on-one private treatment. No need for swimming skills but a doctor’s referral is needed.

Women’s & Men’s Pelvic Health Program: Anderson Hospital Outpatient offers specially trained staff in treating a multitude of pelvic health concerns for men and women. This includes pre-and post-partum, urinary or fecal incontinence, painful scars, vulvodynia, painful intercourse, and urinary urge/frequency.

Balance/Vestibular: Our specially trained therapists utilize state of the art Neurocom equipment and work closely with our Audiology services to assist in diagnosing and providing treatment for balance and vestibular problems. Disorders may be visual, musculoskeletal or as a result of inner ear problems. Treatment will be individualized to each patient’s specific needs.

VitalStim: VitalStim is a non-invasive therapy that uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing while trained speech therapy specialists help patients re-educate the muscles with special exercises.

Lymphedema Services: We offer lymphedema certified therapists that provide complete decongestive lymphedema therapy. This includes possible use of manual lymph drainage, bandage wrapping, exercise, intermittent sequential pumps, assistance with application of compression garments, and patient education/training. Our clinic provides care to cancer patients as well as to those that develop edema for unknown reasons. 

Myofascial Release/Craniosacral Therapies: These manual forms of therapy are integrated into our traditional therapy sessions, as well as provided as a specific form of care, particularly for our chronic pain patients. Both forms of therapy rely on one-on-one care and hands-on touch to treat the areas of need for pain relief and improved function.

Kinesiotaping: The main benefit that kinesiotaping provides is its ability to give stability and to maintain support to injured muscles and joints without affecting their range of motion and their circulation in any adverse manner. The kinesiotaping technique is now fast receiving different accolades from a lot of people from all walks of life, including athletes, general orthopedic, neurologic, and lymphedema patients.

Hand Therapy:  Hand therapy is the discipline that addresses injuries of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.  Our certified hand therapists will work closely with physicians and clients to provide a continuum of care.  Treatment often begins within days of an injury or surgery and continues until the client has returned to work and/or a productive lifestyle.  Click here to learn more about our program.





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All physicians, physicians' assistants, and nurse practitioners providing services in this hospital are independent contractors or provide service under contract. They are not employees, agents, or servants of Anderson Hospital. These professionals are responsible for their own medical judgement, actions and billing.

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